Sunday, December 16, 2012

City Mall

Possibly, the nicest of all the Malls in Amman.  It has lots of great shops and a Carrefour.  We were here this weekend to watch The Hobbit.  There is a great big movie screen so it was wonderful to see The Hobbit on a good screen.  We did of course miss the Embassy, but we were grateful that we got to see the movie in a peaceful, clean, smoke free movie theatre.  No cell phones went off which was really nice.  In Taiwan, cell phones would always go off and people would chat away :-)  We were expecting the same etiquette here and are happy that it is not the case.

There is another movie theatre in Baraka Mall, a small mall in Sweifieh, our neighbourhood.  It is not as good as the City Mall theatre.


  1. Merry Christmas!! Enjoy your vacation and Skype us when you can! oxox!

  2. Why didn't you like the cinema in Baraka Mall? I have been to both of them on several occasions and I found the one in Baraka Mall to be more cozy. When I watched "The Hunger Games" at City Mall, the quality of the sound was awful. Glad you enjoyed "The Hobbit".
    Happy Holidays!

  3. Hi Jessie, I agree, it is cosy, but I find that gives some people the excuse to smoke and talk on their cell phones. We've been there twice now and it's happened. I find City Malls cinema a bit cleaner :-) Happy New Year!!