Bergen, Germany

Our first stop on our month long extravaganza visiting people.

We stayed with our good friends, Alison and Phil who are both teachers that work for the Uk's MOD in Germany.  They have been here for about 3 years and absolutely love it.  We could see why as it is calm, peaceful, clean and green.  It was quite overwhelming to see all the green after living in a dry country for ten months, but it was lovely and it was a pleasure for the eyes.

One day, we took a trip to small city called, Celle.
I loved the buildings in Germany.

This was Alisons favourite shop that sold dinky and expensive items!

Robert loved the beer....

.... and the food!

Little baby Lyra - she is so adorable!

We only had 4 days in Bergen and we were both pretty exhausted after a long 10 months of working, settling into a new country, climate, culture and school.  I wish we could have had longer, but we needed to get on the road again and head to Ireland.  I would love to go back to Germany and explore some more as it seems like a very travel friendly country.  Plus, I know the language fairly well and would love to reacquaint myself with German.

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