This year, Robert and I are spending our last few weeks of our holiday discovering France.  We started our trip in Paris to visit Robert's brother, Pierre.  As a nice surprise, my dad and brother turned up to meet me for my birthday.

someone is behind you!


Paris is a wonderful city and I think I can love it just as much as I love London.  Both cities are full of history, grandeur and culture.  It was hard not to make comparisons.  Because I know London so well, it is home and familiar.  Whereas Paris is exciting because I am so unfamiliar with it, people speak another language, people are not the friendliest, but the buildings, history and culture make up for it.

After a stint in the city, we made our way down south to the Pyrenees and I am so glad we did because it was beautiful!  We stayed about 30 minutes away from Lourdes in a tiny village.  It was amazing and very relaxing.

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