Saturday, December 1, 2012

Shanghai Restaurant

Heehee, yet another restaurant to write home about ;-)  Yes, The Shanghai Restaurant is the best Chinese restaurant we've eaten at in a very long time.  The food there is so good!!  Our favourite is hot fried green beans and lemon chicken.  OMG, the hot fried green beans are delicious, so, so, so delicious.  They must be putting MSG on their beans because they are very moreish and I do dream about them.

The atmosphere in here is always very calm and they play the best 80's music.  I guarantee that they will play Heart - Alone.  They also have a massive fish tank with very happy looking fish swimming inside.  The only downside to the atmosphere is the smoking!  Jordan hasn't quite grasped on to the smoking ban.  Therefore, whenever we go to a restaurant, there will always be a smoker puffing away.

Those fried green beans are divine - absolutely divine!

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