Saturday, December 1, 2012

School life

It's busy.  Very busy.  Sometimes it is all consuming, but it is fun and we love it.  Otherwise, why would we be doing it?  I find that I am just working though.  I really would like to get out more, meet other people and explore Amman.  Finding the time and the energy is the challenge.

Today Robert is at a soccer tournament.  His last one.  Thank goodness!  He has been totally consumed with work and coaching.  When I asked him if he would coach again, he said he would because he loves it.  He loves the enthusiasm his girls have for the game and he said it is rewarding to see them improve.  I have my fingers crossed for victory today, but he is not bothered if they win or lose, it's all about participation for him and that's the message he gives to his girls.

For me, I am busy preparing for a Christmas concert.  The students are singing a Hawaiian Christmas song.  The lyrics are Hawaiian and English.  Hawaiian reminds me a lot of Te Reo Maori. It is really nice to hear that sound again, especially in Amman!

Hula dancing :-)

Just to update this post - Robert and his girls football team won!!!  It is the first trophy the school will receive this year.  I am so proud of Robert.  He is so dedicated!  A great coach and an inspirational teacher - I have parents come to my room to tell me how wonderful he is because he has inspired their child to take Chemistry or that Chemistry is an awesome subject because Mr. LeBlanc teaches it :-)  I couldn't agree more.  I think those kids are so lucky to have him as their teacher.

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