Saturday, December 1, 2012

Christmas in Amman

We have a tree!  A real-life tree!  When I started to see signs of Christmas in Amman (tinsel, lights, angels, stars etc), I could not believe it, but it seems, Christmas is observed all over the world.  Even we we lived in Taiwan, Christmas was big and shops would sell decorations.  Of course, Starbucks is here, there and everywhere and always begins selling their Christmas mugs after Halloween.

Robert and I are happy that we can celebrate the month of Christmas here. We were worried that it would just be over looked.  Today, I will go to the local mall and just hang out, listen to the Christmas tunes and watch people doing their Christmas shopping.

A little bit of NZ on our tree.  It was a past Xmas present from my old principal, Janice.  I cherish it.  I

I love our apartment in the evening when we can light candles and put the tree lights on.  It is so cosy!

I bought these from Safeway - I couldn't resist.  They are tealight holders.  Very cute!

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