Thursday, November 22, 2012

School surroundings

Above is the local mosque right by our school.  The call of prayer is heard 3 times a day whilst we are at school.  I love the one that goes off at lunch time when the children are playing outside.  I think it is great that young, international children are being exposed to such a different way of life.  One time, I was on duty and I saw a little girl go on her knees and pray. It was super cute.  When I asked a local Jordanian what she was doing, she told me that it was unusual to see children pray as they haven't grasped the idea of Islam or religion just yet or they are not 'into it'.

One thing that is slightly annoying about the mosque is the noise level.  They CRANK it up!  But it is still nice to hear.

I saw this herder and thought I'd take a snap shot, little did I know that he had a whole herd of goats with him!  I don't know how normal it is in Amman to have so many goats, but this shepherd had lots.

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