Friday, November 2, 2012

Haret Jdoudna

As it was Eid, we were worried that all the restaurants would be fully booked.  We hadn't made any reservations for lunch, but luckily, the Haret Jdoudna were able to accommodate us.  Thankfully, because this is a top restaurant and very popular amongst locals and tourists.  Based in Madaba and only 30 minutes outside of Amman.  It really is a must when you visit Jordan. The food is exceptional!  Spencer and Amani who live in the UAE said it was the best Arab food they have had ever.  They were both incredibly impressed and even more impressed that you could enjoy a glass of wine with your meal, something that is really unheard of in the UAE unless you are at a swanky, fancy hotel and pay a fortune for!


Nakanik's - yummy!!!

This was Spencer and Amani's first taste of Jordan and so far they were impressed :-)  This may have to be a regular trip for us for when people come to stay.  Airport, first stop, Madaba for some good food :-) and of course, interesting, ancient mosaics.

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