Thursday, November 22, 2012

Our Boab

In Amman, most residential buildings have a guard called the 'Boab'.  Our Boab's name is Saed and he is LOVELY! He goes out of his way to help us.  He washes our car - everyday!  He gets us water and carries the heavy bottle for us.  He'll do absolutely anything we ask of him :-)  Thankfully, for him, we can't speak a word of Arabic and he can't speak a word of English so we don't ask much from him.  Even if we could speak Arabic, we wouldn't ask him to do stuff for us, but our neighbour, Jack, tells us that we should because that's what we pay him for.  Well, the school pays for him, not us.  Robert and I are pretty independent and we like to do things for ourselves.

Saed is Egyptian.  I don't know his story or how long he has lived in Amman.  There are many Egyptians here in Amman, and I presume they come here for work.  On our way to school every morning, there is a corner, just off a round-a-bout and there are hundreds of Egyptian workers lining up to get a morning job.  One day I'll take a picture of it because it is quite the sight.

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