Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Happy New Year - 2013

We are well and truly back in Amman after a wonderful holiday in Sri Lanka.  I'll try and post some photos soon.

We are back at work and there are floods in Amman!  School was delayed today, and on our way to our late start to school, we were shocked at how much water there was! We were pretty sad that we didn't have our camera to take photos of the overflowing drains.  It's crazy!  Amman continues to surprise us in all ways.

It was lovely coming back here after our holidays.  It felt like home.  It is home.  Robert and I used to struggle to define where home is, he being from Canada and me from Ireland, meeting in Taiwan and getting married in New Zealand. We are not the average couple!  However, we've finally come to the conclusion that home is where ever we are together!  Right now, we are in Amman, Jordan, therefore, Amman is home and we are very happy about that.

My health is doing really well, and I can breathe!  Even though it is pouring with rain, my lungs are fine.  It is not damp at all.  The housing here isn't the best, no insulation, single paned windows (sounds like NZ), but we have radiators and it is warm in our apartment.  Luckily, we don't pay for heating.  We have a full tank of heating gas that should last us the winter and that was paid for by the school.  Sweet!

We are happy to be back to work.  It really is a great school!  I was worried leaving KWNS because it is such a caring environment and my colleagues were my family.  I loved it!  I was not happy to leave, but this school is just as caring and has a wonderful community.  We made a wonderful choice.

2013 will be a fabulous year.  I can feel it already :-)

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