Friday, March 29, 2013

Wakalat Street - Sweifieh

Al-Wakalat Street is located just off the 7th circle.  It is Amman's only pedestrian street and I love it!  It is pronounced 'walk a lot' which isn't exactly appropriate as you can only walk for about 10 minutes, but it is still a nice play on words.

I have to update this post (December 2013).  This street is no longer a pedestrian street and we are so upset about it.  Now cars drive through and it is busy.  It is such a shame!

It is home to some of my favourite Western clothes shops such as Monsoon, Mango, GAP and Zara.  There are also some sportswear shops and a few coffee shops.  Coffee Republic is my favourite because they are really friendly and they have a wash room.  I always need a bathroom for some reason when I visit this street!

It's Friday morning - no corn man today!

This is a nice outdoor eating/shisha place.  However, it is frightfully expensive.  We just wanted a mint and lemonade drink and it cost us $12!

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