Friday, March 29, 2013

Books @ Cafe - Abdoun

It is Good Friday!  I love Friday mornings in Amman because the roads are so quiet.  It is a super day to go walking or running.  This Good Friday, we took our breakfast at Books @ Cafe in Abdoun with our good friends.  Abdoun is a really nice neighbourhood in Amman.  It is where the embassies are based and therefore embassy families.  Books @ Cafe in Abdoun is the sister cafe to the one down town Amman which we have still yet to discover!  I am so excited to go to the one down town because it is said to have excellent views over Amman.

I found the menu to be nice and diverse, catering to all tastes.  I also found it to be a reasonable price.

The ice tea was yum!

It was great to be eating nice food and to be surrounded by books.  I think it is a great concept!  The best time to go is in the morning because then there are no smokers in the building.

Look at those delicious muffins!!!

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