Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Mansaf - Traditional Jordanian food

Last week, my mum visited from England.  It was her first time in the Middle East.  My friends and colleagues were amazing and made her feel so welcome.  My friend, Susanne, is an American who has been living in Jordan for a long time.  Her husband is Jordanian and they have raised their family here in Amman.  She learned to cook Mansaf from her mother-in-law.  Mansaf is traditionally eaten on the floor with the family all around this great big platter of rice and chicken or lamb.  This night, we had lamb (NZ lamb, I might add)  and it was ever so tender! Jordanians eat Mansaf with the hands and a very thin type of bread.  I have to say, I didn't use my hands, but it is absolutely delicious nonetheless!  It is very flavoursome and has lots of textures.  I loved the almonds and the yoghurty sauce.  I really want to try this again because it was so good!  Thank you, Susanne.

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