Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Health Care

One of our main reasons for being in Jordan besides from work is my health.  In New Zealand, I suffered from lung problems.  I could not breathe there.  It got so bad that I could not walk up the stairs without huffing, puffing and my heart beating like it was going to explode.  Last year, I was admitted into hospital for a bronchoscopy - then the lung collapsed and I was in hospital for 27 days after the doctors performed a lung biopsy which created lots of holes in my lungs.  They finally gave me a diagnosis.  I was incredibly allergic to something, what, they couldn't say, but as I only suffered from this problem in NZ, I figured, it must be the dampness of Wellington.

So Robert and I signed up for international teaching in the hope that some nice, warm, dry country would accept us, and here we are, Amman, Jordan!  Since being here, I have improved a great deal.  I do not cough anymore, thank goodness and my lung capacity has increased.  In September, when I first started to receive care in Amman, my lung capacity was below half.  I should be at 3.85, but then I was only breathing at 1.95.  Now I am breathing at 2.30.  So there is improvement,  I expect by this time next year, my lungs will be functioning normally once again.

I am most impressed with the health care I have received in Jordan so far.   I don't need to wait weeks for an appointment to see a specialist.  (I waited 6 months to see a specialist in NZ).  I don't have to wait weeks for tests or tests results - everything is done right there and then.  When I go to see my lung doctor, he performs lung function tests there and it takes 10 minutes.  I'd wait for 2 hours in NZ.

The best aspect of health care in Amman is that it is all in one area so there is no need to run half way across to the other side of the city for this test or that test.  Ibn Khaldoun Street is a health care haven.

As I have already said, I am impressed with the level of health care I am receiving,  I really like my doctors and I have excellent health insurance!

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