Friday, April 19, 2013

Iraq Al-Amir

'Iraq al Amir (Arabic:عراق الأمير), is within the municipality of Amman in the Jordan Valley. Located about 15 km southwest of the town of Wadi Al Seer, it has a population of about 6000 people, mostly members of the tribe of Abbadi. It is located on the hills with high and medium altitude, the area has many springs, and is famous for its olive trees, in addition to other forest trees. About 0.5 km south of the town is located the so-called Al-Iraq historical site, which was built by a Persian prince in the 3rd century BC. There are many caves in the hills which date back to the Copper Age.  Sited from wikipedia

We are taking our 2nd grade class here in 2 weeks time to discover the ancient site of Iraq Al-Amir. The story I heard went a little like this:  It was built by a Persian prince in pursuit of his true love.  He wanted to marry her, but her father told him that he must build her a palace fit for princess.  He built this fortress.  When it was complete, he returned to the princess's father to inform him of the completion to which the father replied, "Nah, you can't marry her anyway.  You are not worthy and never will be!'  Not sure whether that is historically true, but it's the story I heard which is quite fantastical.

There is also a LOVELY little shop about 3km drive from the site.  It is The Iraq Al Emirs Women's Association where local women craft pottery, rugs, wall hanging, clothes, soaps and paper.  It is quite reasonably priced, plus you can sit and have a cup of sweet mint tea with your friends.  It is a delightful place.  I found a rug that I liked for 60JD (which is really good!)  I just have to convince Robert :-)  It has pink in it so not sure he'll like it.

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