Saturday, August 18, 2012

Our apartment

Here are some pictures of our apartment in Amman.  We have a spacious 2 bedroom place, great for visitors.  We have all of our stuff in being sent so I'll do before and after photos when we get all of our things.  Once our things are here, it'll feel more like home.

Front Room

Dining area, all open plan

Conservatory - we are most happy about this!

Guest Bedroom

Our bedroom

Loving the wardrobe!



Food that was already here for us.

Our road.

Also, we have a guard who lives in the building who does things like, wash the car, take out the rubbish and generally help us with everything and anything we need help with.  For instance, today, we bought heaps of plants and he helped us carry them from the car to the lift.  Apparently, he'll even go to the shops for us and get us some milk :)  Now that's service!

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  1. What a cool apartment! I'd be loving the conservatory too.