Friday, August 17, 2012

Halifax, Nova Scotia

It is always such a treat to visit Nova Scotia because not only do we get to spend time with family, we also get to hang out in a very green, clean city.

When ever we visit Mom and Dad LeBlanc in Halifax, we are always treated to a lobster meal and it is delicious!  I've never had lobster elsewhere in the world, but I am sure it wouldn't be as nice as Nova Scotia lobster.

As it was my birthday a few days before, Mrs LeBlanc had decorated the condo with banners and signs.  It was super special.

And the birthday cake was yummy!  I had 2 slices.

I also had a very special afternoon with my sister in law, Jen who took me to a make up place where we got to learn how to do the smokey eye effect.

 Here is Robert with his brother, Andre and his family, Jen, Sofia and Jake.  It was a pleasure to spend time with you all.

A beautiful sunset on the harbour.

Breakfast at Cora's.  Probably the best breakfast place in the world.  I wish I could show you the menu.  I ordered a chocolate and strawberry pancake....mmmmm!

 Robert ordered a strawberry covered waffle.

 Happy eaters!

One thing I love about Halifax and Nova Scotia is the colour.  Here are some examples of the colour in Halifax.

 I like purple.

Ships are common in this part of the world.  Every two years, the tall ships come into town.

Halifax will gain a new library very soon.  Here is some of the construction work  You could write a message on the black boards.  I wonder if you can see mine?

 Whilst we were in Halifax, Robert's aunt Elaine and Uncle Bob came for a visit.  It was excellent to spend time with them and for me, it was my first time meeting Uncle Bob.  We have promised we will visit Newfoundland soon.

I wish I took more photos of Halifax because it is such a lovely city filled with massive trees.  Next time we visit, I'll take more.

A big thank you to all the LeBlanc's for such a lovely visit.  We are super thrilled to be closer to home so we can visit regularly.  See you again very soon.  

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