Saturday, August 18, 2012

Fuheis - Zuwwadeh Restaurant

This town is about 20km Northwest of Amman.  It is a predominately Christian town and is famous for fruit growing and cement production.  The main reason to visit this place is a restaurant called, 'Zuwwadeh'.  Our school took us here on our 3rd night in Amman and we loved it so much, we went back. Lonely Planet describes it as 'Highly popular with local and discerning expats, the ambience is lively and warm, much helped by the jovial staff.'

Here is a link to the restaurant -

The food is amazing and it has a very relaxed atmosphere.  We tried to get there before the sun went down, but we didn't manage it.  We will go back and take more pictures of the town because it is very pretty.

Mhamara and Babagonush dip :)

Inside Zuwwadeh.  There was a man playing Arabic music.  He was good!

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