Thursday, July 26, 2012

Limerick, Ireland

I must admit, I did not do much tourism in Limerick.  I wish I had, but it was nice just to sit with my dad and my sister and just chill out!  We drank lots of tea and visited various family members.  I did take a few pictures of King John's Castle and the Shannon River.

Aobh, my little sister, is so clever - she's only two!  She is speaking so much and can identify letters, make the sounds and count!  Amazing child.  Here she is with my reading, 'The Very Hungry Caterpillar'.

Aobh identifying the letter 'O'
 One sunny day (sunny for Ireland) we went for a drive to Kilkee, a beach place that Limerick people visit.  It is Limerick by the beach because when you go there, you'll see Limerick people.  We bumped into my great aunts down there :-)
Aobh getting ready for the beach wearing her 'cool dudes'.
For Mom and Dad LeBlanc -  The trees in Ireland (and England) have trees growing over, making the look like a tree tunnel.  I spoke to my step dad about this and he told me it is because people in Ireland and England built roads through forests.  That is why the trees form the tunnels.  I'll take more pictures of the ones here in Wycombe.

Kilkee Beach - it was FREEZING and very windy, yet there were mad people swimming in the sea.  yes, I know it's healthy to swim in freezing cold water, but I think they are mad for doing it.

This was my first time being back in Kilkee since I was a child.  I was 7 years old last time I was here and I vividly remember eating these small barnacle creatures called 'Periwinkles'.  

Here are some great aunts and cousins we bumped into. 

We went North of Kilkee to a place called Lahinch which is close to Galway.

Random old castle.

Great aunt, uncle and cousins.

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