Thursday, July 12, 2012

Antwerp - Belgium

After our lovely trip to Dubai, we went to visit our good friends in Antwerp.  It is always nice to visit a new city and to spend time with good people.  Anskar and Ivon live in a beautiful downstairs apartment in central Antwerp.  They have a lovely garden that is just perfect for relaxing in.  We were blessed with fine weather each day we were there.

Buzzy Bee Belle chilling in the garden in Belgium.

We didn't do much tourism in Antwerp.  We ate a lot of really yummy European food (bread, cheese, chocolate, waffles...need to go on a diet soon!) and tried a different Belgium beer each day.  We mostly hung out and enjoyed spending time with our friends.
Chocolate covered strawberries...mmmm

European it!


Mint flavoured jinever

When in Belgium, drink beer!

When in Belgium, eat chocolate....mmmm

One day, we visited Ruben's House.  It is the former home and studio of the famous painter which has been turned into a museum.

Ruben's House Courtyard

Our good friends from Germany drove 5 hours to visit us for the weekend. We spent our time catching up and enjoying the Belgium beers.

We had a very enjoyable time in Belgium.  It was a lovely way to catch up with good friends and to reacquaint ourselves with European culture.  My biggest culture shock so far is how many people there are in     Europe.  In New Zealand, we lived in a little bubble of very few people - it was nice!  Europe is packed with people and it is very busy.  Life is much faster - very different from what we've grown used to in our lovely bubble of NZ.

Next stop, Paris to meet my mum and visit our close relatives who recently moved there. We are most excited about seeing Pierre, Sara, Lillian and Sylvia :-)

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