Monday, October 6, 2014

3rd year in Amman

Being a full time mum and a full time teacher is incredibly demanding!  Hence why it has taken me four months to write a new post.  Shocking!  My last post was in June.  We left Amman for our summer holidays in Spain and England which was fantastic and full of family, fun and warmth.  We got back to Amman and straight back to work.  The beginning of the year is always tough, but this year has been the toughest and most stressful.  Mainly because I had so much time with baby girl over the summer and then, boom, no more!  It has been hard and I've had to adjust.  But thankfully, Jordanian law gives breastfeeding mothers an hour off each day to come home and feed the baby.

It's amazing how each year in Amman has been so different.  The first year was rich, new, fun and exciting.  The second, I felt like a bit of an expat pro.  Life was easy. This year, Amman is simply home.  I am happy to stay home each weekend with Ayla, Robert and hang out with close friends who are my family in Amman.  Robert is happy to potter around in our garden which is now a jungle and looks great.

Life continues for us here in Amman.  We are happy.  We are safe.

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