Friday, June 20, 2014

First day of school holidays.

It has been a long time since my last post and life has gotten busier with Ayla and work.  At first, it was heart breaking leaving Ayla at home, but we are so lucky to have a fantastic, positive, caring nanny who adores and loves Ayla.  It also helps to have supportive colleagues who have been in the same situation.  I don't think I could have gotten through these last 10 weeks without them.  Now, finally, I can spend everyday with our little girl.  We are both so happy.  Ayla is at a great age now where she is interactive, fun and learning something new every day.  This summer is going to be one of the best summers of our lives.

Since Ayla was born, we have not ventured out much.  We went to Ajloun one day, but our camera didn't have an SD card so we couldn't take any pictures.  I was sad because it was a lovely day and a great spot.  We will just have to go back when we return to Jordan in August.

June has been a hard month.  We've had to say goodbye to colleagues who are more than just people we work with; they are our friends and family here on this crazy expatriate adventure.  I've had to say goodbye to four girl friends who have made such a positive impact on my life and my career as a teacher.  All month, I have been trying to process the sadness and heart break at the possibility that I might not ever see these ladies again.  Sure, we have face book, but last week, they were my every day.  They were a phone call, a short drive away, a smile in the morning and a hug during happy or sad times.  They shared my pregnancy and birth of Ayla and now they are gone.

Part of me is in denial. I've had to harden my heart to toughen  my skin in order to truly protect myelf from feeling utterly devastated.  I am holding back the tears as I type.

I have been busy this month learning how to make movies.  It has kept me from thinking about the sadness of friends leaving.  I have channelled the sadness into creativity.  Here they are.  I hope you can view them.

The things that keep me smiling are Ayla and Robert, and knowing that my life is here with them.  Ayla brings so much joy, life, light, laughter and happiness into my life.  I will focus all of my energy into my family this summer and heal from the broken heart of saying goodbye to some of the most amazing people I've ever met.  Two years is way too short with these kind of people.  But I am thankful that I met them and two great years with them.  

Watch this space for summer 2014!!

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