Monday, October 14, 2013

Our new home

 It has been so long since I last wrote a proper blog post.  Life has been so busy!  First of all, we moved into a new place that wasn't quite 'finished' in the sense that, the bed mattress was old and rotten, the washing machine didn't work and there was furniture and stuff that we just didn't need or want.  It took quite a while for all of these things to get sorted which was quite frustrating, especially the washing machine not working.  Each weekend, Robert and I would have to fill up pots and pans of water to get the machine going and we'd have to do this twice every time we wanted to wash a something.  Finally, it got sorted, but it probably took about a month.  Then, we were introduced to our new landlord (hence why it took so long because the original landlord sold the house).  Our new landlord was not happy with the paint job so asked us if he could get contractors in to paint the entire house.  "Sure" we said.  Anything to get rid of the nasty yellow and gold speckled paint job that already existed.  A week it took them and it was the longest week ever!  During that week, everything that we thought was wrong with the place got fixed so it was very busy indeed.  Now the place is awesome and it feels like our home.  I'll add some before and after pictures up.  It is still not quite finished, but it will be by Christmas.

Entrance Room Before

Entrance room after (pre painting)

Lounge before
Lounge after (pre painting...notice those nasty swags and tails are gone!)

Nice working fire place for the winter.
Our lovely garden which has been repainted so doesn't look so dirty. Notice we put the ugly brown sofas outside and the entrance sofas in the lounge....much better arrangement.

So with the house and school, life has been hectic.  School this year seems to be even busier than last.  I think I have taken on a lot of commitments this year.  But the way I see it, I might as well do as much as I can now because when this baby is here, my number one commitment will be baby, not school!

I am very grateful to be on holiday now because both Robert and I feel like we haven't stopped!  This is what our week and our weekends have looked like:
Sunday - up at 6am, school at 7am work until 5pm (lucky if we get an hour for lunch, more like 20 minutes) so that's 10 hours non stop.  Then go home, make dinner, eat at 7pm.  Do some more school work till 10pm go to bed.
Monday - same as Sunday
Tuesday - same as Monday
Wednesday - same as Tuesday
Thursday - same as Wednesday but may go round to a friends for the evening.
Friday  - SLEEP in till 8am, potter round the house, wash clothes, go to the supermarket for weekly shopping , go into school to plan/catch up, watch a movie and relax.
Saturday - SLEEP in till 8am, house stuff, visit friends, go into school to get ready for the week.

And repeat for about 10 weeks till we get a well deserved break :-)

Teaching is HARD. but very rewarding and I wouldn't want to do anything else.

If you want to keep up to date with what I am doing at school, you can follow my school blog.  I have added the link in the Blogs We Read section.

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