Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Downtown Amman and Hashem Restaurant

We don't go downtown as often as we should.  It is usually extremely crowded, hot and dusty, but it is Eid and things are a little quiet, albeit all the shops and markets are not open. 

A very quiet downtown Amman.
 One place was open and it was a restaurant that we have been meaning to go to since we arrived in Amman - Hashem Restaurant.  This place receives number 2 of the top things to do in Amman in the Lonely Planet guide: 

 "A legendary place that overflows into the alley, Hashem is incredibly popular with locals for felafel, hummus and fuul (fava-bean paste). A filling meal with bread and mint tea costs around JD1. As one reader extolled: ‘nothing but bread, hummus, fuul and felafel, but everything is fresh and dirt cheap. We love this place!’

This is what you get, hummus, falafel, fuul and pita bread.

We ordered the food, 4 teas, 1 water and a coke which came to 6JDs!!!!!  Excellent price!!!!

Yes, you are eating in an alleyway.

But the people are very friendly.

Large tour groups often come in here as it is a stop off on one of the tourist routes.

Personally, I thought this place was ok.  I didn't like the fuul at all.  The falafel and hummus was good, but after I have lived here for a while, it kind of all tastes the same.  Maybe some will disagree with me and I would say to them that I am not a hummus and falafel connoisseur and forgive my ignorance.  I did however love the price, the ambiance was great and it was a cultural experience.  I will definitely return and take visitors here as it is a must to experience and a great resting stop after a day of walking around downtown Amman.

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