Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Wild Jordan

Whilst you are in the Rainbow Street area, you may as well stop off at Wild Jordan. If you walk the length of Souk Jara, you will see the centre at the end of your shopping trip.  It is here where you can book and reserve spots at some of Jordan's loveliest spots such as Wadi Mujib and Feynan Lodge.  The centre is a branded division of the Royal Society for the Conservation of Nature.  Their main slogan is, "Helping Nature, Helping People".  Here is their link which is an interesting read:

There is a lovely shop to buy local made goods.

 There is also a nice cafe and restaurant. Unfortunately, I have not spent enough time here to try the food or to take more pictures.  There is an amazing view of the Citadel from here, but I couldn't access the view spot on the day we went here as it was closed.  Robert and I have recently invested in a new camera so when I get back, I'll go back here and take some good photos and maybe try the food.

You can just see the Citadel at the right, but as I said, the doors were closed and I couldn't get onto the viewing spot.  They had lovely, big beanbags out here.  I can imagine this place being a hot spot for young Jordanians who wish to smoke to hubbly bubbly.  

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