Monday, May 6, 2013

Feynan Eco-Lodge

We just had a 5 day holiday, so Robert and I took off with our friends for a few days.  We drove down south to a wonderful place called Feynan Eco-Lodge.  It is about a 3 and a half hour drive to the Eco-Lodge and once you are there, you have to transfer all your belongings into a 4-wheel drive pick up truck which takes you to the lodge.

The lodge is a beautiful sandy colour similar to that of the desert landscape.  It is quite plain, simple and has a wonderful, calm energy to it.  I felt relaxed immediately - this is my kind of place!  We took our belongings up to our room only to find that we had single beds with mosquito nets over them.  Yes, there are mozzies here, but thankfully not malaria ones and they only come out in Spring time.  The rooms were fine, small, but clean and fresh and only lit by candles.  Although, the bathroom did have a light.

The food here is unbelievable!  It's all vegetarian, fresh, local stuff and simply delicious.  The cauliflower and lemon was mouth wateringly beautiful.  I would eat like this every night if I could.

After dinner, we retreated to the roof to gaze at the stars.  I said out loud to one of my friends, "Gosh, I hope we see a planet tonight, Saturn or maybe Jupiter would be nice!"  Little did I know that the lodge had a powerful telescope and low and behold, Saturn was in the sky!  So, yes, I said I wanted to see Saturn, and I did!  I was so chuffed.

The roof has mattresses and bean bags so you can gaze at the stars.

Our friends, Theron, Hayden and Lindsey.

Hayden had been hiking ALL day in Petra!  A little rest in the back pack was just what he needed

Our beautiful friend, Nina.

When the sun goes down, candles provide the light.  Thank you Nina for this picture.

Nina's picture :-)

The next day, Hayden was up and walking again!

A nice place to chill out, read a book and look at the natural beauty.

Staying at this lodge reminded me that as a human, I can sometimes consume way too much.  Being here was a nice wake up call.  We can stay in nice places that don't use up too much energy, that uses local produce and recycles the waste.  It is the perfect place to take children to educate them on ways to be energy efficient and environmentally friendly.  It is also the perfect place to escape the traps of our modern society, phones, internet, TV and computers.  

We will come back here!

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