Thursday, April 10, 2014

Wadi Musa again

This was my 2nd trip to Wadi Musa/Petra and I had a much better time here than last time.  I think that is because for the past year, I have been following a wonderful blog written by an Australian lady who lives there.  The place felt a bit more personal this time round.

 I also liked it more because we took the nicest pictures on top of our hotel roof.  

We stayed at a great place called the Sharah Mountains.  It was excellent value for money and the staff were so friendly.  We would stay here again for sure.

Whilst we were here, we decided to take a drive.  We drove through a village called Baida and then onto the entrance of Little Petra.  This is definitely worth a drive.  Plus, if you have your Petra ticket, you can gain entrance onto the site.  Had we known this, we would have kept all our tickets and bought the ergo to carry Ayla.  Alas, we only had 2 tickets so my dad and Robert had a quick look whilst Spencer and I stayed in the car to mind Ayla.

Spencer with Ayla

My dad with Ayla.
Our first family picture.

Petra Mountains

Kids we met on the road.  The girl wanted to put a hijab on me :)

Little Petra

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  1. Hi there Michelle, thanks so much for the shout out. Next time you come you have to let me know so that we can actually meet up and say hi and have you over for meal. Andrea