Monday, March 10, 2014

Ikea Jordan

YES!  It has finally arrived!  A place to buy generic furniture, plain lamps, Swedish meatballs and funky stuff.  We went on the 2nd day of its opening, on Friday morning, thinking it would be quiet because Friday is a holy day and most people don't do anything until after the call to prayer at 12.  WRONG!  It seemed most of Amman had the same idea as we did.  It was packed.  Thankfully, Ikea is HUGE so there wasn't too much of a squeeze.

We spent 3 hours walking around the whole store.  Ayla slept in her baby Ergo for the entire time.

We had a great time and were very tired at the end of it.  At the end, I could even feed Ayla because there was a changing/nursing room.  I was very impressed.  It might be the ONLY shopping place in Amman where a mother can nurse her baby.

A nice, calm place to nurse your child.

They even provide nappies, but no bin to throw away the dirty one so bring a plastic bag.


We are very happy to have Ikea here now. Simply because the style is plain and prices are reasonable.  I think the opening of Ikea is perfect for new expats who need to furnish their new place, and the best thing is, as soon as you arrive in Amman, you will notice Ikea on the journey into the city because it is on airport road.

I do believe this will be a bi-monthly trip - we love Ikea!

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  1. It is impressive that they provide baby changing station. I would say it is the first in Jordan. Hopefully, more businesses will follow.