Saturday, September 7, 2013

La Cuchina

I have decided that I am not going to post about Syria and the troubles that are all surrounding Jordan.  I am going to post about something normal and everyday, like a good place to eat in Amman.  I came to this delightful restaurant last year on a girls night out and completely forgot to post anything.  We just revisited la Cuchina to celebrate a friends birthday last week so I will post the pictures I took last year.

La Cuchina is located in Abdoun.  The interior is very fancy.  In the winter when we last visited, there was a roaring fire place which added warmth to the atmosphere as it was incredibly cosy.  This year, we sat outside amongst the stunning flowers.

The food is incredible, albeit expensive like most places in Amman, but definitely worth it.  The service is top notch!  I felt I was very special and really taken care of.

Bow tie service with a smile :-)  Proper job!

A tea light in an onion -  a very cool idea.

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