Monday, October 15, 2012

Best cakes ever!

Robert and I (Robert mostly) are so impressed by the food here in Amman, but one food stands out amongst all others - the cakes!  Oh, my, goodness, do they ever taste good!  We live a five minute walk to the best cake shop in Amman called, Rawan Cake.  It is hard not to buy something in here, plus it is incredibly cheap.  Robert says I never have to bake again.  I am glad because baking isn't one of my strengths.

Now, working in an elementary school with a load of other women, there is obviously a lot cake going around - but seriously, I feel like we have cake everyday!  I need to stop going into the staff room when it's someone's birthday because there is bound to be cake, and not just any old cake, but good, Rawan Cake!  It is delicious!!!  I'll do my best to take pictures of these cakes because I know you will get hungry just looking at them.

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  1. holy cow! that looks amazing...pretty and delicious. enjoy!