Sunday, September 16, 2012

Amman Orphanage

What a weekend it has been in Amman and throughout the Middle East.  Thankfully, we are safe in Amman and the protests that happened here were peaceful protests.  Nothing to worry about.  However, we were advised not to travel to certain places on Friday.  Robert and I stayed in and watched the events unfold on Sky and BBC news.

On Saturday, I took a trip to the Home of Love -   an orphanage for severely disabled children.   The school encourages the students to clock up to 10 hours of community service.  There is a variety of activities and projects that the students can choose from.  My colleague organised this one and needed chaperones.  I volunteered my services.  So for 3 hours, we hung out with these BEAUTIFUL children who have been abandoned by their parents because they are disabled and can not look after them.  There were two nuns and two full time volunteers who look after about 15 children aged between 1-7.

There was a little boy, aged 5, who was in his buggy, his legs and arms all twisted behind him and a tube coming out of his nose.  He looked like and sounded like a baby.  He wouldn't stop crying.  The nuns say he never stops, he just sobs and wails.  I sat with him and stroked him, sang to him and spoke to him.  He stopped crying!  Then I picked him up - he was stiff!  When I picked him up, he smiled :-)  He was beautiful.

There was another little one, aged 2, who had the biggest, most beautiful eyes I'd ever seen.  I called her 'Butterfly' because she looked one.  She was also so stiff!

I will go back there next month and make this a regular trip for me.

The surrounding area of the orphanage.
A sunset in Amman.

Robert is a great driver!

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  1. Hello, I am a college student from the USA in Amman doing a study abroad program and researching child rights, specifically of orphans. I'm not able to find any contact info for Home of Love online, would you be able to direct me to someone at the organization who might be interested in giving their perspective on child rights in Jordan? My email is - thank you!