Tuesday, June 26, 2012

The next few weeks.

I write this with 4 days left to go in the wonderful city of Wellington.  We are busy packing, cleaning, sorting, organising, tying up loose ends, going for farewell dinners, coffees, smoothies and finishing work.  It's busy, but it's beautiful.  The weather is awesome today.

Our journey begins here in Wellington.  We fly to Christchurch to Dubai.  We have a day/evening in Dubai, then fly to Amsterdam.  There we catch a train to Antwerp.  This time next week, we'll be there, enjoying a Duvel beer with our friends in Belgium!!  Woohoo. Next stop, Paris!!!  We'll arrive there on the 8th where I will meet my mum for her birthday.  So excited.  Next day, we'll see Sara, Pierre, Lillian and Sylvia!  More excitement.  It's going to be so much fun hanging out in Paris.

From Paris, Robert and I part ways for 3 weeks :-(  Ouch, it's going to hurt as we don't often spend much time apart.  Even thinking about it makes me sad so I'll focus on the positives!  I can't believe I leave the love of my life in the most romantic city on the planet!  I must be crazy! Focusing on the positives, it allows me the chance to visit my Nana who I haven't seen in 10 years!  Yes, an entire decade.  Needless to say, my Nana is getting very excited.  I spoke to her yesterday and she is planning on making me a good ole Irish Stew with dumplings....yum!

From Belfast, I travel to Limerick where I'll catch up with my HUGE Irish family.  There are so many of them to see, I hope I manage it all in 6 days :-)  Robert will stay in Paris and then fly to Canada for a few days and then he has to travel to Texas for professional development - very fancy!

From Limerick, I fly to London and Robert flies back to Canada.  My time in London will be jammed packed with seeing family and friends, plus I'll be going to the Olympics with my little brother.  He has scored us tickets to watch the volleyball.  What an awesome little brother!

From London, I fly to Halifax to be reunited with my love and beautiful family and friends.

Next stop - Amman, Jordan!

Feeling incredibly lucky to have family and friends all over the globe.  Life is wonderful.  I'll keep this blog updated with pictures and stories from our adventures.  This is our main blog now.


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  2. We are so excited! Just the list of destinations exhausts me. You two are powerful. See you soon!!!!!